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About LVH

The LVH Lisa von Hallwyl ranges started nearly 11 years ago in the top of her hattic! Lisa started designing ranges of smaller hats and then expanded through the years developing more into the brand you see today, Lisa has over 15 years experience in fashion designing for ITV and BBC films and productions plus fashionable events and celebrity weddings

The name often gets commented on with its interesting spelling, this comes from Lisas Swiss side of the family dating quite early into the 1100s

The concept initially was to bring ideas of the Swiss vibe into the millinery, culture and beauty of the heritage which has developed more and more over the years.

Living in the cotswolds Lisa has established herself as one of the 50 greatest women in Gloucestershire and multi award winning as well as a brand to be proud of.

Every time a hat is designed its made with attention to detail and artistic flair, people from miles around come to see Lisa's hats and even overseas

Haven't been to the showroom then its time you do! With over 400 hats yes 400 all made by hand available ready for you, including bags,scarves and accessories

We cannot wait to meet you

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